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Swimming Pool Financing by Viking Capital

Swimming Pool Financing

Why Choose Viking Capital for Swimming Pool Financing?

  • Great Service – you will feel like the valued customer that you are.
  • Multiple Loan Options – including loans only available through Viking Capital.
  • More Loan Approvals – because we find the loan that’s right for you.

OUR MISSION is to help our customers find the best pool loan available for their needs and qualifications, and partner with the best pool builders and lenders in America.


R Cooper

“Awesome service! You kept me informed throughout the entire swimming pool financing process. This was the least stressful loan process I’ve ever had and the pool was possible because of Viking Capital. Thanks!”

R Cooper

J. Harragan

“We received fast, friendly service. Someone was always available to answer my questions. I am already referring my neighbors to you. THANK YOU!”

J. Harragan

R. Valentine

“Viking Capital really came through for us! Everyone I spoke to was great!  Viking Capital helped me with all my Swimming Pool Financing needs. Thanks Again.”

R. Valentine

swimming pool financing

Swimming pool loans are available nationwide. We offer many loan options to meet the unique needs and qualifications of our customers, including loans exclusive to Viking Capital. Learn more…

swimming pool financing

Viking Capital is highly regarded for personal, fast and hassle-free service. Within one business day of receiving your application, we will contact you to discuss your options and lead you through the loan process. Learn more…

swimming pool financing, pool loans

Viking Capital, Inc. was established in 1999 with a mission to provide hassle-free service and a great loan.  We value every customer and our network of pool builders that refer us business.  Learn more…

       See our Frequently Asked Questions below…
  • Is an unsecured, swimming pool loan right for me?

    In the industry today, unsecured swimming pool loans typically provide the best option for borrowers who are seeking low monthly payments and may not have sufficient equity to borrower against their home. Viking Capital’s lending partners offer an array of unsecured loans nationwide. Viking Capital also offers secured loans in Texas. You are advised to research and consider all options before choosing the loan that’s best for you.

  • I’m not sure how much my pool will cost, should I still apply?

    Yes. We can start the loan process even if you are unsure of your project cost. You can estimate the cost or provide us the amount you have budgeted for the pool and we will inform you of your loan options.

  • I haven’t chosen a pool builder yet, should I still apply?

    Yes. We can start the loan process even if you haven’t selected a pool builder. For our 10 and 12 year loan options, the loan cannot be funded until you have a signed contract with an approved contractor (one who has been screened and approved by our lending partners).  We work with many contractors nationwide who have been approved. For the shorter term loan options, no contract is required and your pool contractor does not need to be approved.

  • Is Viking Capital a Lender?

    Not with regards to unsecured loan programs.  With these loans, we act in the capacity of a consultant. We help you find you the best loan available for your needs and qualifications and guide you and your pool builder through the loan process.

    In Texas, we are a licensed mortgage broker.

  • Want to see more Frequently Asked Questions?

    Click here for FAQ’s page.

Swimming Pool Financing

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