A Pool Builder’s Best Friend in the Business

Pool Builders Network by Viking Capital
APSP - Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

Pool Builders: Don’t risk losing a customer over financing!

We want you to build more swimming pools. We do our part to help you advertise that you offer 100% swimming pool financing and then we provide your customers with the best loan options around so they can buy your swimming pool.

There are many benefits for Viking Capital approved pool builders. It’s a relationship that we value and do everything we can to preserve.

The loan process is simple and you’ll love the draw schedule!

  • Hand out the custom flyers that we give you to advertise you offer financing.
  • Direct your customers to apply online at www.poolloan.net.
  • A Viking Capital Loan Specialist will have a personal consultation with your customer and fit them with the best loan.
  • You’ll be notified when we receive the application, when the customer has been conditionally approved and at funding.
  • Loans fund with favorable draw schedules (no more than 30% at plaster/completion) and you have plenty of time to build the pool.

You’ll LOVE working with us!

Viking Capital is your source for the most diverse and desirable financing programs with full support throughout the entire process. Plus! There are many added benefits. See below.

Join our approved Pool Builder Network!

Get set up through our fast and easy dealer approval process and receive:

  • Co-branded marketing materials: printed and digital
  • Proven sales team training on “selling with financing”
  • Email notifications to keep you updated throughout the loan process
  • Customer referrals… and more!

… Click here to complete and submit a short form so we know how to contact you. A Viking Capital Representative will be in touch shortly to explain our loan programs and the many benefits you’ll receive as an approved builder.  Then you’ll receive information to get setup with some of our lenders.

… Complete the Lender Applications and submit supporting documentation upon request. Each Lender has certain requirements. Viking Capital will support you through this application process.

Once you are approved, Viking Capital will help you advertise your status and quickly train your sales team so they can inform their customers about the great financing options available to them.

Start the process today!  Only our approved builders can take advantage of our unmatched financing options and great service.

Our customers get great loans. Our partners build more pools.